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Heartbreaker Kcee Kreppein lounging poolside sans bikini.


Pretty Chinese American Shannon Lea puts on a show on a mirror, although she doesn't look it she's really a good 'ole girl from North Carolina.


Gorgeous Sylvia Vargova originally from Czechoslovakia has resided in New York for the last 6 years, we photographed her recently in Destin Florida in this bath set.


Showstopper Emily Knight dons body paint by Synthe Flemming down to her stockings. My wife Nancy Hancock did hair and makeup.


Cutie Stacy Sutton standing all of 5'3" comes giftwrapped.


Sultry Kcee Kreppin portrays this 40's pinup style beautifully. Hair and Makup by my wife Nancy along with high key lighting recreates the era.


Dorothy "Dee" Czudziak originally from Poland looking great on silver lame'.


Natural Beauty Jennifer Hopka recently returned from The Playboy Mansion a contender for the 50th anniversary Playmate.


Sylvia Vargova again, photographed in this beautiful night lit pool set..


Photographed in July in Destin Florida, Melissa Collins shares a bath with the camera and gives her usual lively performance.


Kim Cohen of St. Louis gives new meaning to "steamy". Hair and Makeup, and set design by Nancy Hancock. Digitally shot on our patio with my Nikon D100. Kim is the perfect professional and always a pleasure to shoot.

An image created for a calendar called "Man's best Friend" featuring Jaimie Paetz of Elite Models Atlanta.
Simple mattress with white sheets, beautiful strong backlight and gorgeous Melissa Collins. Shot in my studio this past March.
A fine art gallery of mostly early work of my career, all produced "in camera" before the existence of Photoshop.
A project I started originally for a bridal editorial, it has become an ongoing project of Angels, good and bad.
A gallery of digitally created fine art nudes and otherwise.

This death defying photoshoot was fortunately survived by all. Shot around Midnight at the Hedonism resort in Negrel Jamaica. We stretched wires from light stand to lightstand set in the ocean sand to create my blue moonlight about 30 feet offshore. I think it was worth the risk. Kim Pierson from Memphis Tennessee gave a terrific performance in the warm surf shot in '97

A set I produced independently for publication in a popular men's magazine, featuring showstopper Shana Reyes. Shot in May of '98

We had a blast at Hedonism II shooting this colorful set in '97. I shot this "wheel barrow of fun" from an upstairs balcony into a makeshift "instant garden" created with vegetables gathered from the restaurant at the resort.. Pretty Jodi Hodges was quite the trooper in front of a crowd of around 100 that gathered to the flashing strobes of our lighting on that hot Jamaica night.


Fresh faced Kristy Puglese shot digitally *in camera on a simple set of blue seamless, beautiful light, beautiful girl.


Playboy's Playmate Rachel Jean Marteen

Standing 5'7" tall and packing some awesome 34-24-35 curves onto her well-honed physique, Rachel didn't need to do much convincing to get Playboy's editors to choose her. She became Miss August 1995.


Digitally composited image combining desert shot of wild burros shot just outside Las Vegas and my lovely wife Nancy Hancock shot in my studio.

Another Polish born beauty Ania Malika looks terrific doing the laundry, this was shot on the rooftop of an old mill built in the 1889. I didn't look cool at all when my foot broke through the roof and I feel hip deep through the hole. My camera fortunately and film survived.

30 year old Beauty Dina Bogina

*In camera shoot, studio built pond and canoe shot with 2-1/4 black and white film darkroom printed and handcolored series.


Custom produced photoset in Jacksonville Florida and model Jessica. Shot in the spring of this year.

*In camera shoot, studio constructed set with with vastly published erotic model knockout Lisa Janeen.
An hodge podge fine art gallery, I'll be adding as time permits.
Outrageous Angie Zimmerman in this independently produced "In Camera" set on this gothic style set shot on a summer night in 1998.

Cute as a button at 4'11, Rachel Hartpence published in virtually every girlie magazine you can name. Difficult to believe she was 24 years old at the time of our shoot and a holder of a degree in Criminal Justus. Shot on location in Destin Florida in 1998.


*in camera means what you see is what was actually shot, as opposed to a digital composition meaning the model, background and other ingredients were pieced together in the computer.


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